Testing Asian Longhorned Beetle Pheromones

Testing Asian Longhorned Beetle Pheromones

Asian long-horned beetles are a current and growing threat to northeastern hardwood forests. With no cure available, early identification and eradication are crucial to the protection millions of acres of susceptible forest.

The use of pheromone lures, which rely on chemical messengers to attract the beetle, are one of the most effective tools in combatting this invasive pest.


2013-06-18 13.30.58Making Eradication Efforts More Effective

Adirondack Research coordinated Asian longhorned beetle monitoring efforts with the Hoover Lab at Penn State University, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service.

Our facility field tested pheromone lures, working to determine the most effective pheromone blends. We coordinated and analyzed pheromone release rates, and calculated lure replacement schedules for the U.S. Forest Service, taking into account seasonal variability in environmental conditions.


Protecting Hardwood Forests in the Future

Lure optimization is critical to an effective eradication program. By enhancing pheromone lure effectiveness, we worked to optimize beetle attraction and monitoring in the highly effected area of Worchester, Massachusetts.

Meng_etal_2014-China-trappingOur research supports Asian longhorned beetle eradication efforts around the country, and better protection for America’s beloved hardwood forests. For more information, see our publication in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Entomology.

And to learn to identify Asian longhorned beetle infestations in your own backyard or community, visit the USDA’s website.


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