Calculating hidden costs of road salt

We are working with ADK Action to investigate the cost burden of road salt to residents and taxpayers in New York State.

saltOur Task:

To develop a research protocol that will elucidate the costs related to road salt use and compare those costs across the state. We know road salt causes corrosion to bridges and personal vehicles, but we don’t know to what extent.

How we are doing this:

We are setting up experimental protocols to retrieve and analyze publicly available information on bridge assessment scores, personal vehicle resale value, county economics, and other information that can be used in a state-wide analysis linking road salt use to resident and taxpayer costs.

How it will be used:

We do science. And we are doing it here. But more importantly, we communicate science to affect policy. We are gathering the scientific information that can be used for peer-reviewed publication, petition drives, and media delivery.


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