Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Adirondack Research monitors, assesses, and manages invasive species. Our previous projects include invasive species monitoring, trap design testing, and regional assessments. We work with local, state, and federal government agencies as well as universities to conduct thorough research in this complex field.

Meet the Team

International Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships in China, Adirondack Research is pleased to offer an extended range of services for research on invasive species.

Since many invasive species of concern in North America are native to China, field studies on invasive species can now be conducted in their native habitats, free from quarantine restrictions. Partnerships allow us to execute parallel trapping studies in both China and North America in the same field season using the same materials.

Our Services:

We conduct field research to inform lure development, perform taxonomic identification of species captured in field studies, test generic pheromones in screening trials, perform trap design optimization, and conduct semiochemical (pheromone and kairomone) testing for target species.

Our extensive range of capabilities can be optimized to fit your needs—talk to us about your project today.

Additional services include:yellow-mountains-532857_640

  • Field experiment planning and logistics
  • Confidential field testing of semiochemicals
  • Invasive species surveying and monitoring
  • Taxonomic identification of captured species
  • Target species trapping
  • GC-EAD and GC-MS analysis of target species and hosts (China only)
  • Lure and release rate optimization
  • Trap design testing
  • Trap tree surveys of woodborers and associated parasitoids
  • Taxonomic identification of parasitoids
  • Long-term ecosystem monitoring
  • Invasive pest management planning and analysis
  • Invasive species valuation and cost analysis
  • Comprehensive management plans
  • Environmental mapping using geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Biological inventories

We also help university researchers gain access to resources in China and we assist graduate students conducting research in China. Please feel free to contact us with your research ideas.

Invasive Species Project Portfolio

    Informing Invasive Species Regulation
    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    We help the NYS DEC determine which non-native species are "invasive"
    Demonstrating Success of Invasive Species Control
    The Nature Conservancy
    We developed the post-treatment monitoring program for The Nature Conservancy's Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program...
    Monitoring Emerald Ash Borer
    Adirondack Research is testing trap designs for United States Department of Agriculture in New...
    Testing Asian Longhorned Beetle Pheromones
    The Pennsylvania State University
    We test pheromone blends for increased monitoring effectiveness


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